A Natural Organic CBD Compound

What is CBD and what is it for?

CBD is a natural organic compound that does not produce psychoactivity and is not psychotropic.

In recent years, we have heard a lot about CBD and products made from this element. Therefore, at Eurogrow we want to explain a little about what CBD is and what it is used for.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the main components of hemp and is present in the highest concentration in the resinous bud, accounting for up to 45% of the strain’s extract.

It is good to know that it is not the only cannabinoid you can find in hemp plants. Currently, more than 113 cannabinoids exclusive to hemp plants have been discovered, among which CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC stand out the most.

CBD is a natural organic compound that does not produce psychoactivity, nor is it psychotropic, and has unparalleled therapeutic potential.

There are so many benefits of this cannabinoid that researchers are trying to clarify its benefits, properties, and its capacity to alleviate the symptoms of different pathologies in patients.

How is CBD extracted from the hemp plant?

CBD extract is extracted in different ways. Among them are the methods of neurotoxic solvents such as butane (BHO), hexane, propane, or other hydrocarbons, but sometimes they leave residues that can harm your health.

The safest procedures are supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction. Where carbon dioxide is used at a fairly low temperature and high pressure. The CBD extracted in this way is potent. However, this way of extracting cannabidiol requires experience and expensive equipment.

It can also be extracted with food-grade ethanol, homemade equipment, and a safe solvent, although this destroys the plant waxes that can benefit your health.

Another way to extract CBD is with the use of olive oil. This totally avoids the exposure of organic solvents. This method is inexpensive. But, the cannabidiol obtained is perishable. Therefore, it must be stored in cool, dark, and humidity-free places.

THC as well as CBD

Many people tend to confuse these two cannabinoids, but the truth is that although they are found in the same plant and both contain therapeutic properties, they are totally different.

It should be noted that hemp contains more than 500 organic elements and as we mentioned, at least 113 of them are cannabinoids that are recognized for their therapeutic qualities, the best known are THC and CBD.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychotropic substance found in hemp and is what causes the psychoactivity for which hemp is known.

CBD is the opposite, it does not produce psychoactive effects. However, both components have fantastic therapeutic power, and their effects are of great intensity when they work together, as the analgesic and anti-cancer effect is enhanced. Likewise, CBD is responsible for counteracting the psychoactivity of THC.

What is CBD good for?

CBD helps to improve a wide variety of health problems such as inflammation, reduce anxiety levels, and pain, and improve sleep disorders, among others. As more and more research is being done, more benefits are being discovered and more and more is known about how it helps our bodies. This website explains perfectly what CBD is used for. Come and visit Good Decisions to find additional tips and information.

For its part, the Pharmacology Association of the United Kingdom approved a variety of benefits such as antidepressants, anticancer, anticonvulsants, and anxiolytic.

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