If you think about future predictions, you soon imagine a woman with a crystal ball, mysteriously mumbling in a wooden trailer. However, it is the twenty-first century, the world is a lot more modern than it used to be, and it is therefore only logical that predictions of the future are also cast in a modern jacket. Curious to see how such a contemporary prediction of the future works? Then read on!

What is a prediction of the future?

Some people have an intuitive gift with which they can feel what the future might bring, others have a certain insight into the human being and his or her actions, but no one can predict very accurately what the results of the next lottery draw will be, for example. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to use a medium for predicting the future. By means of card readings, runes or, more old school, a crystal ball, a clairvoyant can make statements about what life can have in store for you. And how you can prepare for that.

How does a future forecast work?

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different ways to predict the future, and often the exact execution will also vary from medium to medium. Nevertheless, we can pick out some commonly used techniques to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Card laying

Almost the best known way. The medium makes a tarot or other card deck available to you, often he or she asks you to shuffle the cards yourself, and lets you choose a few cards. The medium, who knows how to interpret the cards, enters into a dialogue with you about what the cards have to say. What the cards say has to be tested against your personal situation – in this way the medium can make valuable statements about your future.

Runic reading

We wrote earlier about the way in which the future can be predicted using runes. Very general: the medium uses a bag of runes, the client pulls out a few stones or let fate decide which runes will fall on the table. Then the medium talks to his or her client to interpret the runes correctly.


If you ever consult a horoscope, you are actually doing a bit of astrology. However, when you consult a real astrologer, he or she can tell you a lot more than a written horoscope. An astrologer does not only make statements about your date of birth, but also about your place and time of birth. An astrologer also has actual knowledge about the planets and stars and can therefore make his prediction very precisely.


Numerologists work with numbers, and special numerical values of the letters of the alphabet. A numerologist uses your names, date of birth, place of birth, current place of residence and other data. These data are processed and settled, until the numerologist obtains a list of digits. Each of these digits has its own symbolic value, and each digit has its own place on the list. The combination of the placement of the cipher and its symbolic value makes it possible for the numerologist to make predictions.

Water reading

This, presumably Greek, method of predicting the future uses a bowl of water. How the lecture continues depends again strongly on the medium: sometimes oils or dyes are added to the water, and sometimes the client has to throw pebbles into the water. The way the water reacts to the client’s touches and movements would tell the medium things about his or her future.

Palmistry or palm reading

Some mediums use the hand reading method. They will study the lines on the palm of your hand to make some very specific statements about your future. The statements are mainly about the course of your life – whether you get married or not, how many children you will have and so on. That makes the lecture less accurate – there are simply too big, fixed predictions being made.

How can you make such a prediction?

Visit a medium

The most obvious way to consult a medium is still to visit a medium in your neighborhood. There you will undoubtedly be warmly received, reassured and helped. In addition, however, there are still some ways to contact a medium, or to predict the future.

Online Forecasting

Where you used to have to spend hours on the phone to get in touch with a reliable medium, you can now consult an online medium at much cheaper prices. The working method of such an online medium is no different from that of a medium you visit – the only essential difference is the distance. You choose which medium you consult, and can then start asking questions – about the future, the present, your dreams, you name it.

Moreover, you don’t have to commit to a fixed medium right away: you have the freedom to speak to several mediums without obligation before engaging in a conversation with one of them.

The telephone medium

Although the telephone accessible mediums are disappearing more and more out of sight, you can, without a doubt, still find them. The biggest drawback with these kinds of mediums is the price – you always pay per minute that you’re on the line, and that time increases faster than you might think. Moreover, the chance of being put on hold is very high.

Predict your own future

Finally, you can also work on your own future readings. There is a lot of literature on the subject, and you can also read yourself thoroughly online. Keep in mind, however, that mediums are not just there: their gifts are often more developed, or they have an innate, natural gift that not everyone has. In addition, a medium is usually more well-read about the subjects – this is very important when interpreting tarot cards, for example.

Is such a prediction of the future reliable?

Although that question is very valid, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. The more precise the prediction of the future, the greater the chance that life will take a different turn and the prediction will not come true.

For this reason, a good medium often makes less focused, not so specific statements – a clearer picture than that can often simply not be obtained by the medium. Any medium will be able to tell you that it is not possible to focus on what the future holds.

Rather, what a medium does is intuitively sense what the future may bring, what the current situation may turn out to be, and how the client may react to it. That is why it is very important for the medium to be able to enter into a dialogue: the better he or she gets to know the client, the more appropriate the answers and statements the medium can give and do.